Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eczema and Diet - A Medicine Magic Diet

I challenge you to eat a medicine magic eczema diet for one month.

A medicine magic eczema diet is one where everything you eat will work on eliminating and curing your eczema. Every foods has a medicinal property.

It's a diet full of foods that will cleanse your body. It's a diet that will work on rebuilding and strengthening your immune system.

It's a diet that will rehydrate your skin so that it looks smooth, rejuvenated and heals super fast.

And finally, it a diet that will leave you feeling energetic, positive and look years younger.

The basis of this diet is that you consume at least three vegetable juices every single day for four weeks.

You also must eat one meal per day that contains only fruits. Eat as many apple, oranges or whatever fruits you like.

Finally you must eat one meal that contains a large helping of raw vegetables, bean sprouts and salad.

Do this for four weeks and you are more likely to experience a dramatic improvement in your health. Your eczema will be transformed and more than likely healed and you will feel amazing.

Ensure all of the following foods are consumed in your eczema diet:

Eczema and Diet - A Medicine Magic Diet

#1 - CARROTS: Use these in your juices and salads. Carrots are super detoxifiers and are excellent for your health. They help cleanse the liver and digestive tract. Carrots help kidney function and kill bacteria and viruses. I found it wonderful for my skin.

#2 - BEAN SPROUTS: Sprouts contain an amazing array of enzymes. They have the propensity to transform your health from so-so to amazing. You must include bean sprouts during your four week challenge.

#3 - BEETROOT: This is an excellent intestinal cleanser. Beetroot is a good blood builder and will detoxify your liver and gall bladder.

#4 - CORN: Use in your salads. Corn is good for eczema. It is an anti-cancer agent and a good food for the brain and nervous system.

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