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Alternative medical treatment-diabetes

Allopathic treatment
Allopathic treatment, consider and treat anyone in a similar way and drugs used for treatment. Mostly these drugs are used to stop or block a specific function of the institution. Drugs fix never the root and provides only temporary relief.
Alternative medicine:
Alternative medical system considering human as a whole and of every human being different as regards the nature of the body, even for the same disease. It considers not only the disease but also causes physical and psychological reasons behind the cause.
Homeopathic diabetes
For example, a homeopathic remedy is concern that find the proper treatment for symptoms:
-Main complication
-Physical symptoms
-Mental/emotional/psychological symptoms
-The details (when the disease is better when it is worse)
-CAUSATION (reason behind the disease-root)
Homeopathic diabetes is personalised in relation to their individual physical, mental, and causality. That means a product determined on a person who works best on this but will not give the same result in another, he may need a different medicine versus nature.
Natural herbal cures diabetes
Also called herbal medicine, herbal therapies, herbal treatment and herbal medicines. Medicinal herbs used for the prevention and cure of diseases or to promote health and healing. Either the dried plant as a whole or a specified part (root, leaves, fruit, flowers or seeds) is expressed in adequate preparation. Natural remedies are not only blood sugar control, but at the same time will take care of the kidney, liver, eye and heart. These are the instruments that may be affected by long-term diabetes. Also the metabolism of carbohydrates from liver, kidney, pancreas and intestine, a small flaw in these institutions may be the cause behind the cause of diabetes. The Medicinal Herb fix these institutions for the proper use and disposal of glucose and also prevents long-term complications due to diabetes.
Yoga poses: diabetes
Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental originating in India. Has the ability to balance body, mind & spirit. This discipline has curative powers for many chronic diseases including diabetes, selecting glands systems responsible for the disease. In the case of diabetes, yoga poses to mild and gentle massage of internal organs such as liver, pancreas, intestines, etc. These institutions are responsible for the metabolism of carbohydrates, a small flaw in these institutions may be the cause behind the cause of diabetes.
Contrary to diabetes
Instead, also known as touch healing. TCM is based on certain fundamental principles that have been refined over thousands of years of medicine. One of the important principles of the medical tradition this is the idea that health is governed by the flow of life force, or "qi" through the Agency. Interruptions in the flow can lead to health complaints, such as the balance of power is interrupted.
In the case of diabetes, many patients have found that they are either cured or decreased the severity of diabetes after treatment instead.
Massage reflexology diabetes
Reflexology massage or treatment area is mainly a therapeutic art through lobbying (using the fingers, toes, and particularly the thumbs). The massage is specially for feet, hands, and sometimes even to the ears. Triggers the reflex points the reflexes of these organs in the body. Why reflexive massage has a positive impact in promoting opportunities for self-healing about diabetes.
Complementary medicine:
All the above said alternative medical therapies are also known as supplementary medicine. The name "complementary medicine" developed as two or more systems began to be used in parallel (to complement each other).
If we all together all of the above such alternative medicine (used for all medicinal products, at the same time) there is a remarkable result, because one complements the other,
-Homeopathy treats the disease by physical, mental, and causation symptoms-treat human as a whole by strengthening our system of the body.
-Herbal therapies correction of disease by correcting the body responsible for the disease-this system fixes the functioning of the body.
-Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that gives massages to internal body and calms the mind to the proper functioning of the institution.
-On the other hand is a therapeutic touch, which removes the stagnation of qi (vital energy) and thus normalizing function of this organ.
-Reflexology is the art of manipulation of the reflex points of the body responsible for the disease. If the reflex points of some organs are gently massage to stimulate and resume working normally.
If you use all of the above these complementary medicines, then the probability of a cure for the disease is very high.
As an example we have an alternative medical treatment for diabetes, it is not just for diabetes also effective for cholesterol, blood pressure, high and low, low vision, etc. I named a few in the list is too long.

Natural herbal cures diabetes
Diabetes homeopathy-homeopathic

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