Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can heal with asparagus?

No one wants to be sick. But if we do, we often take a leave from school or take a leave from work just find our health. It is often best to preempt any illness it is why eat us healthy food. There is a saying, "prevention is better than cure", and this is certainly a saying. Medical expenses are high today and be sick is a poorly perceived specific. There are healthy food of many out there who claim to be such, and one of them is asparagus. It was even reported that it can be used to treat cancer! That is so true?

Reports say that there are patients who have used for the treatment and cure of many diseases such as cancer lymph glands, cancer of the bladder, lung cancer and cancer of the skin. According to the second century physician, Galen, asparagus is both cleaning and healing. For this plant as having medicinal value is therefore a wise decision to take. In addition, studies have shown that it is a source of folate low in calories and potassium content. Antioxidants are also abundant in its stems. As you may have heard various reports and studies, antioxidants are essential in the prevention and cure of cancer. In addition, it has the advantage of being rich in vitamin c. really then, asparagus is useful to have in our meals.

However, there are skeptical people who argue that the cure of asparagus is a hoax. Their main counter points are a) there is no scientific evidence that it can cure cancer and b) high consumption of nutritional supplement may increase cancer risk. For their first point, although there is no evidence "scientific method style" that he can cure cancer, there are varied across reports in the world he made. Man initially not knowing any evidence but the man was able to survive and move forward with the only knowledge of trial and error. Asparagus can be not eligible for this category as a trial and error, but as a trial and success. Their second point makes much sense. Whatever this is not taken in moderation, but good is the case, is bad. Therefore if you want to try the "treatment of asparagus", sure take with moderation, but do so at regular intervals.

This article is intended to give hope to people who are looking for a cure especially those suffering from cancer. Cancer is not something easy to process and an overview of hope is definitely a reason for celebration. You can probably see your doctor first before that try to check if you have problems trying to this treatment. If this is not the case, then by all means try it to see the benefits of asparagus yourself.

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