Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Garden Asparagus - The Healing Qualities Of The Plant Revealed (Part 1)

Asparagus has been used in food and for medical purposes throughout history. The diuretic quality of the herb was used in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and other civilizations to deal with renal diseases, icterus, diseases of urinary bladder and sciaic neuritis.

A decoction made of asparagus root is used in traditional Chinese medicine as diuretic and tonic remedy to improve digestion, reduce temperature, improve blood structure, and treat gout, rheumatism, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, whooping cough and impotence.

Garden asparagus is a perennial with a strong and juicy rootstock. The plant has a branched stem that grows to a height of 2 meters. The tiny blossoms can be seen from May to July. The perianth is whitish or green-yellow. Fruits are red berries with black seeds.

Asparagus is grown as vegetable and ornamental. However, the plant grows wild in some places. You can find it in flood-meadow, sands, sea-coast, riverside and brushwood. You should collect sprouts 10-15 centimeters long and tops during the florescence of the herb. You can simply cut the upper part of the stem with branches. Rootstock and root should be collected at the end of vegetation. Remove the tops and wash them under running water. Afterwards, air-dry the herbs. New sprouts are used to get the juice or in food.

Asparagus root and rootstock contain various glycosides, asparagoside, asparagine, carotene, essential oil, coumarin and other biologically active substances. The tops, in their turn, are proven to contain asparagine, glycosides, carbohydrates, flavonoids and other biologically active substances. New sprouts are rich in asparagine, ascorbic acid and carotene. Ripe fruits contain sugars, oil and other biologically active substances.
The herb possesses diuretic and anti-rheumatism properties. It is proven to reduce edema.
Asparagine and asparagus extract are proven to reduce blood pressure, intensify myocardial systolic function, slow down heart rate, expand peripheral blood vessels, increase diuresis and improve the functions of liver. In addition, the plant can be used as a light emollient.
Several nations use asparagus remedies to deal with various difficulties with urination, palpitation of the heart, epilepsy and rheumatism.
Fresh juice mixed with water (proportion 1:1) and the infusion made of new sprouts are intended for external use, as well. You can use these remedies for compress to treat eczema and skin inflammation.
The decoction made of berries and is used to treat impotence. In addition, you can use the new sprouts of the herb to deal with the disease.

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