Friday, February 17, 2012

Greek asparagus

This plant woody stem offers a pleasant, fresh flavour and marries well with fish and meat dishes. Its tender stems are used for salads and soups. Asparagus are not only a delicacy excellent, but it is also good for health.

He had fallen the night and the waters of the isthmus of Corinth were at a stand still then that God Poseidon rested in her blue Kingdom deep sea. He was also in the spring, a time for offerings to the goddess of Earth Demeter. Suddenly, the air filled the human ear with a horrible cry. It is Perigoun, the daughter of the famous bandit Zinc. She was being pursued by Theseus, who wanted to make her his bride. Desperate Perigun pleaded with the gods for a safe place to hide. At this time, her dress was captured in a bush and the girl turned into a shoot points tender asparagus. Since then, the plant was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite (Venus) and the people of Viotoia adopted the custom of dressing the flange-to-be with branches of wild asparagus. Reports of Pliny of asparagus as medicinal plant.

Food ancient Athénée expertise believes that asparagus cures all ills of the intestine. Agapios Monachos Cretan (c. 15) attributes qualities aphrodisiac to asparagus and considered as identical to the medicine for stomach complaints. Asparagus are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins c and E, acid folic and carotene. Asparagus are also diuretic and laxative, especially its juice. It contains a substance nitrogen, Asparagine, which is necessary for the production and regeneration of the cells of the body.

In the Mediterranean basin, wild asparagus are harvested early in spring. It grows in the olive groves, under the oak, pine and plans. Wild asparagus are rarely found on the market and prices are very high. White, mauve and green species asparagus are also available on the market of the spring in early June. Asparagus is sold in clusters of 1/2 kilo and can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days, wrapped in a damp cloth.

Sow the seeds of seed-plots from March to April and the transplantation of a fertile soil a year later. Roots are also available on the market.

In Greece, asparagus is cooked in casserole and pot or added to omelettes. Thick Spears are cooked in butter and for good with meat and sauces. Risotto, pies and thick cream soups are also produced from asparagus grown. White asparagus, usually canned, is less tasty. However, green asparagus are a fine delicacy.

Such as asparagus, plants have been widely used in The ancient Greece , and they are still used in Villages of Greekand the Greek Islands .

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