Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alternative Medicine For Lung Cancer - Beetroot

Cancer is a very serious and dangerous diseases and all the billions of dollars that have been spent for the "War against cancer" have not produced any positive results. In the last few decades cancer has become a more serous problem, despite all the money and time that is spent on cancer treatments. So it is natural that people should be active themselves and look for alternative medicine for lung cancer and other diseases.

The internet is available for everyone all over the world and each person can and should do their own research into alternative medicine. If you have cancer or if someone you know has cancer, then neglecting alternative treatments and medicine is a very big mistake.

For example according to the Alexander Ferenczi, the MD of Cosma, Hungary beetroot contains a cancer inhibiting substance agent, betacyanin, a potent cancer fighter. Beets also contain betaine, which is not very common and found in few foods. Betaine is important for reducing heart disease risk, detoxifying homocysteine and of course is involved in the metabolic pathways involved in fighting cancer.

Dr. Alexander Ferenczi reported of a man diagnosed with lung tumor. 6 weeks after the beginning of the beetroot treatment, the tumor had gone away, the man gained 10 kilos and the mature red blood cell sediment rate was drastically reduced.

So beetroot is something that people, who have been affected with cancer, should certainly learn more about. The great thing about most alternative medicine for cancer, is that they are safe, cheap and very effective. There are a lot of other treatments and if you want to learn more about them, then please click the link below.

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