Thursday, February 23, 2012

Complementary and Alternative Medicine For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is typically treated with surgery, medicine, and also radiation therapy. Due to enhanced screening techniques, diagnosis at an early stage, and better treatment methods, the number of deaths from the disease has been progressively declining over the past few years. Choices concerning how to treat are based on a mixture of factors that comprise definite information regarding the cancer, your preferences, and also your health.

One specific medicine employed to treat breast cancer, tamoxifen (eg Nolvadex D), has been exposed in an American study to decrease the risk of rising the disease by about 50 per cent in women at high risk of developing the disease.

Tamoxifen, the celebrated drug accredited with slashing breast cancer death rates worldwide, can be eclipsed by a newer medicine that is even more effectual at preventing a reappearance of the disease in women whose tumors were wedged early and eradicated.

Balancing medicine is a group of medicines and practices that might be utilized besides the usual treatments for cancer. Alternative medicine indicates practices or medicines that are employed in place of the standard, or usual, methods of treating cancer. Examples of balancing and alternative medicine are meditation, yoga, and dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbs.

Complementary and alternative medicine does not treat breast cancer, but might assist reduce the side effects of the cancer treatments or of the cancer symptoms. It is significant to notice that a lot of forms of complementary and alternative medicines have not been methodically tested and might not be safe. Talk to your doctor before you initiate any type of complementary or alternative medicine.

A 2008 American study, which came out in the September issue of The International Journal of Radiation Oncology, observed the efficiency of acupuncture in treating women dealing with the side effects of conventional breast cancer medicine.

Though both conventional and acupuncture treatments reduced the negative effects of breast cancer medicine considerably, conventional treatment created negative sides effects while acupuncture treatment gave other advantages.

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