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Alternative Medicine, Home Remedies for Miscarriage Treatment

Miscarriage is one of the worst things that a couple has to face. The loss of the anticipated bundle of joy is something that cannot be described in mere words. But in many cases, miscarriage occurs due to ignorance or carelessness on part of the woman. When a woman becomes pregnant, she must realize that she is no longer alone; she is carrying another life within her womb. So she must take adequate precautions to protect and nourish the baby inside her womb.

There are many guidelines in Ayurveda on how a woman must protect her pregnancy. Precautions begin right from the time when the fertilization between the sperm and the egg take place. Any deficiency in either of these gametes during fertilization can lead to a miscarriage later. Even when the pregnancy occurs, the woman must take a great deal of precaution during the first trimester, as this is when the fetus is developing. Women who have had miscarriages earlier must take extreme precaution when dealing with a new pregnancy.

(1) Useful Herbs in the Treatment of Miscarriage

1. Asafetida (Ferula fetida)

Asafetida is the common solution to most women's problems. It must be taken during the pregnancy months to prevent the risk of a miscarriage.

2. Asparagus (Asparagus racemosus)

The asparagus is known as the women's ashwagandha for no mean reason. It is effective in treating most problems related to the female reproductive system. It is popularly known as shatavari in India. This herb can treat infertility and threatened miscarriages, among other benefits.

(2) Dietary Treatments for Miscarriage

During pregnancy, a woman must be very particular about what she eats. Precautions must be taken in the first trimester. The following are points must be observed:-

1. All foods that can aggravate the pitta must be avoided. This will lead to an improper digestive fire, leading to constipation. Constipation must be prevented during pregnancy at all costs.

2. Foods that increase the heat of the body must be avoided. Sharks are the leading foods in this category. Other sea foods like prawns, lobsters, crabs, shellfish, etc. must also be avoided.

3. Papaya is extremely harmful for the growing fetus. It must be avoided at all costs. Pineapple is another food to be avoided.

4. Cooling fruits such as watermelons, oranges, apples, etc. are good. But it must be remembered not to have any one type of food in excess during a pregnancy.

5. Eating outside must be avoided as far as possible. When going out for a while, the woman must carry her own homemade lunchbox, or must subsist on 'safe' foods such as biscuits. Even water must be boiled and then consumed.

6. It is not advisable to experiment with tastes when a woman is pregnant, especially in the first three months. It is better to consume foods that the stomach is familiar with.

(3) Ayurvedic Treatments for Miscarriage

Among the many Ayurvedic remedies for preventing miscarriage, one of the most important is the Triphala choorna. This is a mixture of three important herbs - amalaki (which balances pitta dosha), bibhitaki (which balances kapha dosha) and haritaki (which balances kapha dosha). Hence the Triphala is given to correct all the doshic imbalances in the body of the woman.

(4) Home Remedies for Miscarriage

1. Take some amount of asafetida and dissolve it in water. This must be consumed once every day during the months of pregnancy. If a woman has a miscarriage before, then this asafetida water must be certainly given in that particular month. This is considered to be a very effective precaution against miscarriage.

2. Have a spoonful of fresh juice of vitamin C mixed with honey every morning.

3. In order to lower the heat in the groin area, a towel must be dipped in cold water and compressed on the area. This must be done once a day.

4. Prepare a decoction of black gram in water. This will reduce the fear of a miscarriage.

There some important tips and pointers to be kept in mind. These are:-

a. No antibiotics must be taken during the pregnancy at all. This includes aspirin. Antibiotics can increase the heat of the body, which could be very harmful to the developing fetus. If there is some problem like headache, cold or fever, then natural remedies must be adopted instead of using antibiotics.

b. Tobacco is absolutely dangerous during a pregnancy. Not only must the expecting mother avoid smoking, she should also not go in the vicinity of other people who are smoking. Passive smoking contains toxins that are more harmful to the fetus than direct smoking.

c. Stressful exercises must be avoided. Especially activities that strain the groin area, such as lifting heavy weights, must be avoided. This could physically damage the fetus.

d. Some women are tempted to take antibiotics in order to stop the vomiting and the giddiness in the first trimester. This should not be done at all. If any antibiotics need to be taken, then they must be done in consultation with the gynecologist. Even there, the gynecologist may suggest alternative therapies.

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