Monday, February 20, 2012

Why is Alternative Medicine For Cancer Treatment Ignored?

I don't have to tell you how dangerous cancer is and how big of a problem it is, that is common sense. Huge amount of money is spent for cancer research every year and you would expect that things are getting better and more and more people are beating cancer. But the results are opposite - cancer is rapidly increasing and people can't beat cancer. Alternative medicine for cancer treatment is ignored like a hot potato. Why?

Why don't the cancer "experts" want you to know about alternative medicine for cancer treatment?

A lot of natural remedies and cures have been found for cancer over the years. But the problem is that each one of them is categorised as "unproven remedies." Okay, I understand that some remedies would be classified as "unproven," but you would expect that at least a few them would be heavily researched and found to have some use. But no! Even worse, some discoverers of these remedies were sued and even sent to jail. All of these remedies of course can't be patented and sold for huge profits.

Drug companies have a lot of power and they can influence pretty much everything. The goal for these drug companies is to sell drugs for profits, not to help the average person. That is the conclusion that a lot of people come to. You may agree or disagree, but surely alternative medicine can't have 0 benefits.

It would be great if both synthetical remedies and natural remedies would co-exist, so every person could make a choice. but that is not the case because the U. S. Federal law states that no natural substance can be advertised as a cure for any condition. But you can get a very expensive prescription drug for every illness or disease.

A lot of money is made from selling chemotherapy drugs. Drug companies spend billions of dollars each year for advertising their drugs. The fight against cancer itself, is much less of a problem, than the fight against greedy drug companies. There is no need to exercise, eat healthy and take essential vitamins and minerals, if you can get a prescription drug, that solves all the problems.

This is told to the people every single day for years and years. Finally this brainwashing has to pay off and it has. Only now are people breaking free from this and re-discovering alternative treatments and remedies for cancer and other diseases.

The more people know about cancer treatments, the more effective the treatment is. For example the "Cancer Free" e-book by Bill Henderson, is a fantastic source of non-toxic natural cancer remedies. If you combine that with conventional medicine, then your chances of beating cancer increase dramatically.

Discover the most effective, safest and cheapest alternative treatments and home remedies to revive your health. No matter what condition or illness you have, you can find help.

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