Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pet Care and Alternative Medicines

Pets are like children in many households. They act like infants because they are dependent on owners to care for them. In households where there are no children they are the children. Thats why many spend a fortune on them and pamper them no end. Others, however, may begrudge spending much on them at all and the bottom line is the pet suffers.

Having been around animals all my life the value of a pet in the home is reinforced daily by my two cats and mini foxy dog. They talk to me, love me, cheer me up and provide hours of entertainment by their antics. Recently my dog, Minnie, was diagnosed with breast cancer and required a mastectomy. It brought home how much we need to understand that our animals are subject to the same diseases that we humans face.

My aged cat, May, who at 17 years was having difficulties related to her age and the effects of nasal cancer, was greatly helped when I put her on a small dose of a pine bark extract, which I was taking myself. It is claimed that it improves blood flow and helps control many diseases, including cancer, diabetes and blood pressure. May certainly responded well until the last week of her life when she suddenly went down and then died.

My other cats, Star and Qik, are often treated with alternative medicines with no side effects and are  good for mild doses of tummy upsets, colds and other things. Alternative medicines for pets are of all types. Some can be applied to eye and body injuries while others offer  worming agents easy to administer than tablets.

Before a vet visit it pays to try the alternative medicines as they can often save the owner big bucks which can then be spent on good quality food and other things.

My animals have hot water bags and blankets in winter and are well protected from outside influences. They are not roamers and Minnie only walks on a lead beside me. She has learned to sit before crossing roads and one of the first things she learned me was the meaning of 'don't touch'. That has saved her from picking up rubbish and eating it. We can do so much to enhance the health and life of pets through simple measures such as these.

Whatever we do providing a good home, quality food and loving care must be at the top of the list.

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